Thoughtless Angel
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Have you ever thought , how much responsibility and important angels have? Protect and accompany people on their life path. But what if you imagine, that there is only one, that totally free from all those angel's worries. What do you think he will do? Author doesn't pretend to find the answer, but he allows to feel this state due his new artpiece "Thoughtless Angel".

Who could be a potential one? Author finds him in the face of unknown Muay-Thai fighter, which constitutes collective character of young fighters from poor families from all over the country, who dedicated all their lives to this beautiful traditional martial art. With hearts full of determination and hope, body full of pain and mind free from fear. Not so long ago, Muay-Thai was a great opportunity for teenagers from poor families from country sides to build their careers as fighters, as alternative for hard work at fields and provide better lives for them and their families. At last years, this martial art became more and more popular in the world, but less at local youngers. Despite this hundreds of boys continue to train really hard, and fight on weekly basis, to use this opportunity as a social elevator with hope for became a new superchampion.
Each of these guys became a thoughtless angel at the moment of total focus and dedication to the process of training and stepping on their life path.
That artwork is a part of author's new series: "Bangkokian Series" that inspired by live in Bangkok and discovering the main artists's topic: MOVEMENT, through muay thai. Artworks of this series are visual expression of the Ross's feelings and emotions caused by intense Muay-Thai practice. Large abstract painting comprised of 1 panel: 60/75 cm Colors used in painting: red, yelllow, blue, light blue, dark blue, turquoise,pink, fuchsia and black.

Painted on premium canvas with professional quality acrylic paint. The painting comes rolled in a tube for extra safety..

  • Original Created: 2022
  • Subjects: Abstract
  • Materials: Canvas
  • Styles: Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, Fine Art, Pop Art Modern
  • Mediums: Acrylic Spray Paint
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